Our Ambition

Rev Capital Funds creates alternative opportunities and provides unique products. Also we make venture capital investors in inspiring new growing companies.

Case Studies

Our strength is identifying opportunities early, investing with conviction and speed, and managing assets effectively to realize value for our Investors. Followings are examples of what we are currently investing

Hawaii Real Estate Fund

We provide judicial foreclosure real estate investments. We have been in this market for more than 3 years and confident to maximize the yield of the property.

Medical Marijuana Investment

Now medical marijuana industry are booming due to regulation changes in many countries. We are early investor in this sector and continue finding opportunities.

Prime Loan Investment

Prime loan is one of the hottest investment area in terms of steady return. However, without having deep product knowledge, it won't bring you profits. We are partnering with financial experts to provide this products.

Case Studies

Hawaii Real Estate

We will invest in properties called judicial foreclosures to obtain higher yields. We partnered with local experts, lawyers and teams to rent and re-sell properties.

Case Studies

Medical Marijuana

In the United States, the legal marijuana market is rapidly growing and has developed into a huge industry like the technology market in the 1990s. The sales of marijuana has risen sharply year by year, at a rapid rate of growth rate of 150% or more, and now, legal marijuana states has doubled. We not only offer our payment solutions, but also we invest out own capital in this industry.

Case Studies

Prime Loan Investment

There are good opportunities in Prime Loan as long as you have partnets and counter-parties. As we use our presence in Hawaii Real Estate, we have established the potential investment opportunies.

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